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A Marketing Firm That Understands Its Audience

When looking for a youth marketing agency these days, it really helps to do your homework. Advertising anything to the kids these days is a difficult endeavor indeed. Understanding the technology and how they interact with advertising and marketing is absolutely critical if you wish to sell to this age group. We’ve discovered that many of the traditional approaches just don’t work with these kids. They’re very savvy and quite quick to pick up on a hamfisted approach. It’s helpful if you understand memes and how they work, something no one else ever had to worry about in the old days.

I found this company through the grapevine and looked at what they’re doing with some interest. We’ve had some real disasters with previous firms and I wanted to make sure they could succeed where others failed if I decided to hire them to work with our company. We sell clothing and we’re quite well known, but I think we have a shaky image with the young people these days. My job was to change that image for the better. We needed a company that understood the kids while also understanding our product and how it could appeal to youth cohort.

I decided to give them a shot and had them bring in some ideas so my bosses could take a look and make a decision. I’d already seen their ads before the meeting and thought they were fantastic, but didn’t say anything so I could see the reaction. What the company did is used Generation Z kids to help with their ideas and you could really tell the results are something special. Really edgy stuff that grabs your attention without being controversial in a way that could bring some negative attention to our product. The bosses loved it and can’t wait to get the campaign rolling.