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A Two Bedroom Unit is Better for Me

I have looked at some apartment complexes that have what seems to be a zillion floor plans. Some people may like having so many choices, but I am not one of them. I have a difficult time making my mind up on some things, so I was very happy when I saw that the Overlook at Crosstown Walk had just two types of one bedroom units and two types of two bedroom units. One might think that would make my decision even easier, especially since I live on my own, but that was not the case.

Yes, I even get on my own nerves with things like that, but I also laugh at myself too. I thought that I wanted a one bedroom unit since it is just me, but then I saw the prices that Overlook tenants pay for the two bedroom units, and I knew that I could easily afford those as well. I had never had a two bedroom apartment before, but I had lived in one bedroom units that I had wished were a little bigger. Because I did not want to feel cramped, I decided to take a serious look at the two bedroom units.

I had always put my bookcases and desk in the living and dining areas of whichever apartment I was living in at the time. While that definitely works, it also made it very uncomfortable as far as space and clutter is concerned. Since I would be able to use a second bedroom as a home office and library, I knew that would mean that I could finally have my living room and dining room look as nice as possible without all the clutter and extra furniture in there. It did not take long for me to talk myself into one of the two bedroom units, as you can see!