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A Website That Explained My Energy Choices

I lived in Pennsylvania most of my life, so it was a real culture shock in a lot of ways when I first moved to Texas a couple of years ago. I was given an incredible opportunity by my employer to head up a new division there, but I had to move on it quickly. That meant I did a lot of my research online even before moving there, and that included finding a house to live in and finding the Texas electricity company that I wanted to get my energy from.

That is one of the things that surprised me the most before moving there. In Pennsylvania, we only had one choice when it came to electricity providers. Residents really did not have a say in much of anything as far as electricity was concerned, and I never really gave that much thought until I found out I was moving to Texas. I was a bit lost on which company would be the best at first. I was going to each one’s website and trying to find out the good and the bad from that, but it was near impossible, or at least a very slow process!

Then, I happened to find a website that had all of this information on one site for me. That really made things much easier for me. First off, I was able to find out quickly which companies were servicing the area I was planning on moving to. Then, I was able to find out the different rates for the companies. I also wanted to find one that is moving in a green direction, since that is the line of work I am in too. This site made all of this very easy on me, and I knew within minutes which company I was going to use for my energy. That left me more time to find the house I wanted to move into!