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All the Effort Was Worth It

When I first started going out with this guy from my apartment building, I thought that it was just because we were both lonely. It turned out that we are perfectly compatible though, and it did not take us long to fall in love. He told me last week that he wanted to take me out for a super special night, so I wanted to look as good as possible. I had my hair done, I bought a new dress and even some shoes, and I also booked an appointment at a Holland nail salon.

I love shopping so buying the dress and shoes was fun, and I get my hair professionally done every couple of months. Neither of those things were out of the ordinary for me. However, I had never had my nails professionally done. I asked some of my friends who love getting manicures and pedicures, and Tulsa Day Spas seemed to be the winner of all the suggestions I got. I was able to book an appointment on the day of our special outing, because I wanted my nails to look as good as possible. I knew having them done the same day would be the best way to make sure that happened.

I thought I was just going to get a basic manicure and pedicure. I do my own version at home, but that is nothing compared to what is done at this nail salon. I felt like a princess, being pampered the way I was. The foot bath and foot massage were amazing. I never knew that this could be so relaxing. I chose a conservative design with just a hint of splash, and I loved the look once it was done. That night, I went from being his girlfriend to becoming his fiance, so all of the effort was worth it!