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From Junkyard to Full-Featured Metal Recycling

I inherited an automobile salvage yard from my grandfather. He was just interested in selling parts to do-it-yourself mechanics who fixed their own cars. However, there are not a lot of people doing that locally now, so we started selling on the Internet to keep the business viable. Then we started small with buying and selling scrap. When we started accepting lead-acid batteries, we installed a 40×40 5000 lb floor scale just to be able to weigh the truckloads that started coming in from local repair shops. We were closer to a lot of commercial truck repair centers than some other places, and we offered to pick the batteries up, weigh them and send the shops checks for their scrap.

We added more scales to weigh aluminum, and we had small scales installed in our offices to weigh precious metals. Over time we became a full-featured recycling center that received all valuable metals. Our junkyard for cars evolved into a recycling center where you could get money for your scrap metal. It is so much better than just throwing it out. I like contributing positively to the environment. Truck after truck comes and goes bringing in everything from tons of batteries to old pipe taken out of commercial buildings. People come in their cars to bring in aluminum cans and scrap wire pieces. Once they see how valuable the scrap is, they keep saving it or start collecting it to make some extra money.

We still take the cars and part them out as much as possible. Then we cube them in a crusher to sell as scrap metal. I don’t think my grandfather would mind how we developed his business into a new model that seeks to reuse what so many people just throw out. It is better than stuff ending up in a landfill.