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Fully Featured for the Business

After the first year of my business being open, I had to file taxes to report the earnings I made from it. I thought it would be easy to do my taxes online using the same website that I’ve used in the past, but things were different. Since I was filing with a business in mind, there were restrictions that weren’t there when I simply had a W2. The restrictions cut off certain features and wouldn’t allow me to file without paying extra money. I figured if I had to pay, I’d rather use business tax preparation software and get more for my money.

The solution to my tax problem came in the form of a website that had the software that I needed. It was fully featured for use as an individual or with a business. It even gave multiple users access, so I could use it, and so could my brother. The layout of the software was much more intuitive and accessible than the website that I used in the past. All of the necessary forms that I needed to fill out were included with the software, so I didn’t need to download them from the tax website. The software even had little hints that would guide me along when I was confused about certain things.

Using the software, not only was I able to complete the taxes, but I also got a refund back. In all of the years that I’ve been doing my own taxes, I’ve never gotten a refund. I thought it was a mistake at first, but I double checked all of the figures and everything was right. I’ve probably been missing out on years of refund money by not using dedicated software sooner. Since I’ve used the software once, next year’s taxes will be even quicker to file.