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I Am Really in Great Shape

Of course at first I needed to lose a good little bit of weight. I was over my ideal weight by about fifteen or twenty pounds, it depends on which web page you look at. At any rate I started out slow. I would take the stairs instead of using the elevator or I would park my pick up truck as far from the door as I could. Then I started taking longer and longer walks. One day I stopped at a yard sale and I found that they had a Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill for sale. I haggled with the guy for a good while and then I took it home and cleaned out a spot in my garage. It did not really take up much space, not compared to some of the ones that I have seen. A lot of them need as much space as a small car would take.up. At any rate I set it up out in the garage and then I got an extra TV and hung it up on the wall.

That was how I really got to working out enough to lose the weight. In fact I probably did not really diet very much, but I did work out a lot. I walk when I feel like it and I run as much as I want to. Of course I want to walk very fast so that I really get a benefit from it. I watch a whole movie on that treadmill and that is usually going to be enough to really give you a benefit. Of course the whole thing is about sticking to the task and that is how you get where you want. Now that I have lost the weight I have to keep it off too. It is easy to lose focus.