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I Bought the Cutest Onesie Online

When our women’s meeting decided to go back in time and have a slumber party, we all decided to wear onesies to it. This is not a typical group of women, because we all have very distinctive personalities. I guess we would need to, for all of us to agree to dress up in onesies for an all weekend slumber party at a nearby resort. I love watching Sailor Moon, so I wanted to go online to see if I could find any Sailor Moon onesies. Though I had never seen any before, I knew that there had to be something like that somewhere.

I knew that I would settle for something different if I had to, but I was really hoping that I would not need to do that. When I saw the Sailor Moon Luna Winter onesie, I could not believe how adorable it was. I knew that I was going to get it, and that I would be wearing it a lot more often than to just that slumber party. I looked at some of the other onesies that were for sale, and I told a couple of my friends about it so they could find their own onesies there too.

While I was there, I looked at some other things on the site. I was really surprised at all of the Sailor Moon items they have there, and I ended up buying a few other things that same day. My favorite thing is the Sailor Moon shoulder bag that I got. There were two choices, and I had a hard time deciding between the black one and the white one. So, I got both! Now, I can go out in style, and I have received so many compliments on my bag as well as a few shirts that I got. I love this site!