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I Got Knocked off My Bike

I had been riding my bike to work ever since I moved to my new apartment. The place is really close to the office and it is a really good way to get a bit of exercise. It only takes about ten minutes each way and much of that is on a bike trail where you are safe from traffic. At any rate a couple of weeks ago I was on my way home and this guy simply ran me off the road. I had to go see a chiropractor in Cumming GA a few days later when I realized that I had hurt my back and that it was not going to get any better. The guy simply was not paying attention and he did not keep in his lane. I was on a broad road with a six foot wide shoulder, so there was no excuse for this guy to run me off the road. I managed to see him and I shouted something at him. I could see that he had spilled something on himself. There was not anything I could do except bail out.

At first I was just mad because he had broken my bike, or at least I thought that he had. In fact I got lucky and the only major thing was that the wheel of the bike was mangled. A guy in a pick up truck stopped and helped me. He had seen it and he had a partial license number for the car, but that was not any real help. I did not want to call an ambulance, that is expensive and I was not that badly beaten up really. At least I thought that it was just some bumps and bruises. It was a day later before I woke up with a stiff back.