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I Had to Move Back Home

It is only temporary I hope, but for the moment I am out of work and the smart thing is to save as much money as I can. I have the car payment that I have to make and now I have to pay for a Keswick storage unit. My buddy Rick and I got all of my stuff in there last weekend, he borrowed a truck from his boss. That helped me a lot in fact. The job took us about three and a half hours. When we were done I bought him a 12 pack of Molson and he was happy with that. Of course it would have cost me a lot to pay for a truck like that, which I would have needed to move the big pieces of furniture. I have started to look for a new job already, although I am not going to be completely out of work for a couple of weeks.

We are not really completely closed down, but I am going into the office only for a couple of days each week. I have to be happy for some of the benefits. I still have a week of vacation and a number of sick days, so they are going to have to pay me for that. I did not really think that was going to happen, but I suppose that the truth is going to be simple. They must believe that we would sue them if they did not give it to us. That is probably true. I am going to need the money and it is going to have to last me until the next job comes along. Obviously it was not a very good time for me, since it has only been a couple of months since I bought a new car.