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Living Here is Even Better Than I Imagined

It seems like new condo developments are popping up all over the place in Singapore, but there are still some areas where it doesn’t happen with great frequency. One of those is Leonie Hill Road in District 9, which is where the New Futura development is located. One of the reasons why this place stands out so much is because it is just rare to see a development here. Another thing that is unique is that it is not large, but it does offer more than enough features and amenities to draw the more affluent crowd there.

That is what captured my interest, just the size of it. It is only two towers, and each one is only 15 stories tall. In fact, the top two stories of each is just one penthouse. There are no one bedroom units, so the rest are comprised of two, three and four bedroom units. The towers are gorgeous in how they are designed, and there are features that all the residents can enjoy located on various levels of the two towers. Parking is not a problem because of the underground parking garage, which has more than enough space so everyone has their own parking spots.

Where it is located is great too because it is so close to all sorts of shops, stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, parks and more. There are so many things to do right on the premises, but there are even more just right outside the property too. This is definitely a place where the affluent can relax and enjoy themselves, and have all the comforts they need. That is why I made an appointment to see the showflat, and seeing it in person is even better. I now live here, and it is even better than what I imagined it would be.