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Look Up What’s Going on in the Area

Before there was the internet and other social media to get out the word of things that were happening in a neighborhood, there were things called spot lights that they used to put out to attract people to a certain area. I remember when they had a new grocery store opening, that we went to the place that had the spot lights out to attract new people to the area to see what was going on. We were looking for things to do in the Boulevard 88 in Singapore area and we knew that there had to be some spots on social media that would be able to tell us what was going on. I wanted to look up the area to see what type of places there were to eat in the area. I have a few dietary restrictions and in order to get what I wanted to eat, I had to look online at different menus online.

I was happy to see that there were a lot of different options for the places to eat and that there were a few places where I would have more than a few things to chose from. I wanted to make sure that all of my friends were going to be okay with trying one of the places so I sent out an email with menus to our group text to see if they had any suggestions. I was really happy to see that everyone could find something to eat at one place that I was hoping where they would want to eat. Trying to find a place for us all to eat together is really a hard thing to do at times so I decided to go and start all of the the different research when we would go out and I have done well so far.