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Marvelous Herbal Blend Makes Perfect Tea

I am always trying new types of teas, so when I gave a natural herbal tea mix I found online a try, I expected great things. Tea is so relaxing and drinking the stuff is a great way to reduce stress and calm the mind and body. My favorite tea is dandelion, but I am willing to try just about any concoction as long as it promises health benefits and makes me feel better. It’s interesting how I stumbled over this latest brew though. Never in a million years would I have thought my friend who smokes cigarettes would introduce me to a great tea.

He did smoke cigarettes, but he quit with the help of a bag of herbs he got online. They said you could just roll them up in papers and smoke them like regular cigarettes. While I was happy that he was going to give up those poisonous cigarettes, I didn’t understand how a bundle of herbs would help with the withdrawal symptoms. He said the new smokes made him feel so relaxed that he didn’t even think about the nicotine. I asked some more questions and that is when he showed me the site.

It was there that I learned you could either smoke the herbs or drink them in a tea! How bizarre. I was intrigued enough to place an order and give it a try. Like I said I love tea. After drinking a single cup I felt so mellow that I now figured out how my friend felt smoking the herbs. It’s not like they’re illegal or psychotropic or anything like that. Just a great blend of herbs that makes a great brew or a nice smoke. I like that we are both gaining the benefits of the herbs even though we use them in different ways.