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My Little One Has Started Ballet Classes

My daughter became obsessed with dancing when she saw her favorite princess dancing with her prince in a cartoon. She imitated as well as she could, and she actually did not look bad for being so young and untrained. I asked her if she would look to go to a ballet school in Toronto to learn how to do it just like the princess in her cartoon did, and she talked of nothing else the rest of the day. I did not ask her on a whim, as I had been prepared to enroll her into a dance class soon anyway. This was just the perfect opening to see if it was something she also wanted to do.

I was so happy with her reaction. If she showed no interest then I would not have forced it on her as I know her interests are going to vary from my own. I just remembered my own ballet classes from when I was her age, and those are some of my favorite childhood memories. I wanted her to have the same if she wanted that, which she does. I looked at different dance schools in the area, but there was just one that really stood out to me.

I liked that this particular school teaches more than just ballet. My daughter may start out liking ballet, but she may want to learn other dances as well. If she wants to stay with ballet, there are classes for different levels, and each one is taught by a ballet expert. These dance instructors are not just bored moms wanting to dance around. Rather, they are professionals who have danced on world stages. They do incorporate fun into the lessons, but they also make sure that the children are learning the skills they need to continue to grow in ballet as they grow older. I’m excited to see where this goes!