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From Junkyard to Full-Featured Metal Recycling

I inherited an automobile salvage yard from my grandfather. He was just interested in selling parts to do-it-yourself mechanics who fixed their own cars. However, there are not a lot of people doing that locally now, so we started selling on the Internet to keep the business viable. Then we started small with buying and selling scrap. When we started accepting lead-acid batteries, we installed a 40×40 5000 lb floor scale just to be able to weigh the truckloads that started coming in from local repair shops. We were closer to a lot of commercial truck repair centers than some other places, and we offered to pick the batteries up, weigh them and send the shops checks for their scrap.

We added more scales to weigh aluminum, and we had small scales installed in our offices to weigh precious metals. (more…)

I Had to Move Back Home

It is only temporary I hope, but for the moment I am out of work and the smart thing is to save as much money as I can. I have the car payment that I have to make and now I have to pay for a Keswick storage unit. My buddy Rick and I got all of my stuff in there last weekend, he borrowed a truck from his boss. That helped me a lot in fact. The job took us about three and a half hours. When we were done I bought him a 12 pack of Molson and he was happy with that. (more…)

How I Started Winning at the Races

I used to go to the horse races and do small bets. Sometimes I would win, but most often I walked away with a lighter wallet. It is not that I had bad luck, because I honestly don’t believe in that. I just didn’t know what I was doing, so I was just picking horses to win at random. Sometimes it would be because I liked the name of a horse, and other times it would be because the horse just looked nice. A friend told me that I should look into professional horse racing tipsters if I wanted to still enjoy the races but to walk away as a winner as well.

That sounded like a good combination to me, but I had no idea how to even go about this. (more…)

It’s As Good As It Sounds

Weight loss has been a long time battle for me. I’ve tried various things, even in combination with each other, but the results were always the same. I heard about something called Phen24 that was said to be effective. While I was desperate to lose weight, I didn’t just want to put anything into my body, not knowing what kind of crazy side effects it would cause. I checked online for a Phen24 review or two that would give me an idea of just how well the product worked and if there were any negatives associated with it.

The reviews for the product where overwhelmingly positive. I had never seen a dietary supplement that was as well loved as this one. (more…)

Marvelous Herbal Blend Makes Perfect Tea

I am always trying new types of teas, so when I gave a natural herbal tea mix I found online a try, I expected great things. Tea is so relaxing and drinking the stuff is a great way to reduce stress and calm the mind and body. My favorite tea is dandelion, but I am willing to try just about any concoction as long as it promises health benefits and makes me feel better. It’s interesting how I stumbled over this latest brew though. Never in a million years would I have thought my friend who smokes cigarettes would introduce me to a great tea.

He did smoke cigarettes, but he quit with the help of a bag of herbs he got online. They said you could just roll them up in papers and smoke them like regular cigarettes. (more…)

I Am Looking to Create a Web Page

I have just started to think about how to make some money on the web, but obviously I am thinking about what sort of product I would make or sell for the best results. Obviously there are a lot of things which are perfectly suited for the web, and these are the areas where you are going to have huge amounts of competition, so much that it is not going to be a practical option. For example books, music CD’s and adult products are sold on thousands of stores. I am thinking about things like kendama, which is a Japanese toy that a friend of mine taught me to use. The one he had was sent to him by a family member who was stationed over in Japan in the Navy or the Marine Corps. It is a really simple thing to be honest, it is a wooden toy with three cups and a spike. (more…)

I Am Really in Great Shape

Of course at first I needed to lose a good little bit of weight. I was over my ideal weight by about fifteen or twenty pounds, it depends on which web page you look at. At any rate I started out slow. I would take the stairs instead of using the elevator or I would park my pick up truck as far from the door as I could. Then I started taking longer and longer walks. One day I stopped at a yard sale and I found that they had a Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill for sale. (more…)

Gets Rid of Discoloration Guaranteed

Talking about my pink wink is so embarrassing that I can hardly believe I am here writing about it, let alone putting it out there for the whole world to see. But here I am because I think the topic, although not something one would walk around telling the world about, is important for women who are hitting the dating scene again after going through a long relationship. It’s also germane for those who wish to spice up their sex life with their significant other, but who are embarrassed about those unsightly blemishes many of us woman possess.

What I am talking about is vaginal and anal bleaching. (more…)

I Bought the Cutest Onesie Online

When our women’s meeting decided to go back in time and have a slumber party, we all decided to wear onesies to it. This is not a typical group of women, because we all have very distinctive personalities. I guess we would need to, for all of us to agree to dress up in onesies for an all weekend slumber party at a nearby resort. I love watching Sailor Moon, so I wanted to go online to see if I could find any Sailor Moon onesies. Though I had never seen any before, I knew that there had to be something like that somewhere.

I knew that I would settle for something different if I had to, but I was really hoping that I would not need to do that. When I saw the Sailor Moon Luna Winter onesie, I could not believe how adorable it was. I knew that I was going to get it, and that I would be wearing it a lot more often than to just that slumber party. (more…)

We Have to Fix the Foundation

Of course we inspected the foundation along with the rest of the house when we were thinking about buying this place. It probably would have scared off a lot of people, but I already knew a masonry contractor in Nassau county NY who I could trust. I sent him some pictures that I took and asked him what he thought about. Obviously he was not going to give me a quote without seeing it in person, but he told me that it was something that he could fix fairly easily. However he also told me that he was booked solid and he gave me the number for this old guy. He was obviously retired, but he was doing work on the side and he was willing to take the work, but we did it in a way that was probably not all that legal. I did not care, but I could see the government not really liking it. (more…)

I Am Going Lose Some Weight

I have started to think about this for a long time, because right now I am overweight by an amount which should be manageable.if I approach it in the correct manner. I have thought about going to a center for weight loss for Alpharetta GA, but I have started to think about the real issue and what it is that I really need to do about this stuff. The obvious solution is pretty much exactly what they would tell you if you went to see a doctor at the Duke Weight Loss Center in Durham NC. In theory it is really quite simple, to lose weight you just have to burn off more calories than you take in. So you just have to go on a diet and you exercise a lot. That is really easy to say and a lot harder for you to do. (more…)

I Got Knocked off My Bike

I had been riding my bike to work ever since I moved to my new apartment. The place is really close to the office and it is a really good way to get a bit of exercise. It only takes about ten minutes each way and much of that is on a bike trail where you are safe from traffic. At any rate a couple of weeks ago I was on my way home and this guy simply ran me off the road. I had to go see a chiropractor in Cumming GA a few days later when I realized that I had hurt my back and that it was not going to get any better. The guy simply was not paying attention and he did not keep in his lane. (more…)

The Walk in Clinic Was Great for My Son

When my son started throwing up a few nights ago, I became concerned right away. This is something that he just normally does not do, and it is the first time where he vomited more than once in a night. I thought maybe he had the stomach flu, so I made sure he had plenty of liquids and rest. The liquids seemed to make him want to throw up every time though. I knew I had to get him to his doctor, but he had no openings that day. Instead, I went to the physicians clinic here in town.

I had never been here before, but I have friends who have used it and said that it is a really good place to go for minor things like what was going on with my son. (more…)

Saving Me Money in the Long Run

I have never been great with numbers, which is surprising since I own my own business. Taking care of my own pay though is a piece of cake since I am self employed. At the end of the year, I just take everything to an accountant who puts together my taxes for me. I knew that I was going to need some holiday help though, so I hired two part time workers. I did not want to pay my accountant to do their taxes, so I went online to see if I could find a pay stub maker that would turn it from a scary job into an easy one. (more…)

Started Work on a Renovation

I have known this guy for a good while and he came up with this deal at an opportune moment for me. My lease is up and my landlord is determined to double the rent I am paying, but obviously I am not going to go along with that. Instead I am living in a place that is almost gutted right now. It is an enormous place that someone started to renovate, but got interrupted some way or another. The big problem is that they need to find someone to fix HVAC in NYC. It is a bigger deal for me than it is for the guy I am partnered with, but it is not so bad. I made him buy me one of those big shop fans. It really does keep you cool so long as you stay in the area that it covers. (more…)

Developing Fantastic Budgets to Save Money

Understanding how you can save money in today’s modern society is an important lesson that is going to take a lifetime to learn. Growing up in a household with parents that did little to budget any of their money was one of the worst things that could happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents but I when it came to renting my first apartment I was pretty much lost. I found a site (go here for more information) that detailed plenty of information regarding the apartments that I was looking at (Brook Highland Place) and while I thought that they were reasonably priced, I quickly realized that I was not taking into account the other factors that were clearly present but unknown to me. The biggest hurdle that I faced was managing my money – managing money means that you have to be able to create a budget. Knowing exactly what your expenses are while making goals for saving money. (more…)

A Website That Explained My Energy Choices

I lived in Pennsylvania most of my life, so it was a real culture shock in a lot of ways when I first moved to Texas a couple of years ago. I was given an incredible opportunity by my employer to head up a new division there, but I had to move on it quickly. That meant I did a lot of my research online even before moving there, and that included finding a house to live in and finding the Texas electricity company that I wanted to get my energy from.

That is one of the things that surprised me the most before moving there. In Pennsylvania, we only had one choice when it came to electricity providers. (more…)

Trying to Make Some Extra Money

I have been doing some work around the chuch.Doing some work around the church to kill a bunch of time and to make up for some debts that I have to this guy who has been helping me out. Of course there is a limit to what I can do for them and they need to find someone who wants to do some roofing contractor in NYC. It is not going to be a simple matter for them to solve the problems with this building. They are pretty significant and I sort of wonder if it is even worth the effort to tell the truth. Of course there is a cost where something makes sense and a line past where it does not make any sense to seek putting money in a project. You have to make a settlement as it what it is worth to you and what you can put in a project. No one had limits n what they are able to do and what you have at your disposable. (more…)

Walter Has This Big Job for Me

My pal Walter was trying to talk me in in to helping him with this project house he bought. Of course he got this place for nothing, it was foreclosed on by the mortgage people and it has been vacant for some time since then. Of course the first thing he needs to do is to find some guy who can do residential sewer cleaning in Bergen county, The pipes are a really big mess in this place and right now you have a situation which is not very sanitary and frankly it is not really possible to work in there in the current conditions. (more…)

It Was Not Hard to Sell My Old Car at All

I lost both of my parents when I was just fourteen years old. I then moved in with my grandmother, who was kind enough to give me the love and guidance I needed at that time. Unfortunately, my grandmother then passed away when I was only 19. This means that I have been on my own since then, and I have had to learn how to do so many things on my own. Things like learning how to sell my car in San Diego or getting health insurance seemed so easy to everyone else, but I often did not know where exactly I should start with these types of things.

I was in school when my grandmother passed. She used to drive me to and from my college campus every day. When she passed, I needed a car so that I could stay safe, rather than needing to walk alone at night. (more…)