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Started Work on a Renovation

I have known this guy for a good while and he came up with this deal at an opportune moment for me. My lease is up and my landlord is determined to double the rent I am paying, but obviously I am not going to go along with that. Instead I am living in a place that is almost gutted right now. It is an enormous place that someone started to renovate, but got interrupted some way or another. The big problem is that they need to find someone to fix HVAC in NYC. It is a bigger deal for me than it is for the guy I am partnered with, but it is not so bad. I made him buy me one of those big shop fans. It really does keep you cool so long as you stay in the area that it covers. I got a hand truck, so I can move it around when I go from one place to the next.

There is a huge amount of work to be done, but eventually this place is going to be converted into six apartments. There are going to be three on the ground floor, two on the second floor and one really big place on the top floor. They are all going to be pretty nice, although it is not going to be true luxury apartments. The top floor is going to have a terrific kitchen though. My friend is a chef and he is going to move in the top floor apartment himself. He is going to be really particular about that, but right now I am sort of questioning if he has the money to do all of the stuff that he is talking about. I am telling him that he probably needs to get the other ones ready to rent out.