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The Fixed My Daughter’s Botched Manicure

I sought out a manicure in Singapore to fix one of my daughter’s more amazing mistakes. While I was off at work, my daughter’s friend suggested she give my daughter a professional manicure so her hands could look like a movie star’s digits. Considering both of them are ten years old, you can imagine what the manicure looked like. I was mortified when I came home only to see my daughter’s mangled nails. She seemed proud of the work, which isn’t surprising considering she knows nothing about manicures. Ten year old me would’ve thought they looked amazing as well.

I quickly made an appointment at my usual place for nail work and took my daughter in to see what the professionals there could do for her. I have to say the people working at the shop took great amusement at seeing this manicure. All of the workers drifted over to see how bad it was and a good time was had by all. They weren’t mean about it whatsoever, however, and they set about fixing her nails so that she could see what a real manicure looked like. I have to say they did a marvelous job. They always do.

What I liked about this experience the most is that the person doing the manicure took some extra time to explain the steps she was taking to my daughter. She explained what all of her tools did and walked my daughter through the steps as she did the work. It was so cute, and one of those things that makes me so proud to frequent this business. Most people don’t treat customers this well, and it only underscored why I continue to come to this salon for my own nail work. After today I think I’ll start bringing my daughter in as well!