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The House is Started to Round in to Shape

It is going to be a little while before the house is the way we want it to be, but it is getting there slowly and surely. We are taking care of one thing at a time. The whole thing is to figure out what you can manage yourself and how you get where you want to be. Right now we are talking to this guy who does bathrooms and shower doors in Essex county NJ. We have a tub with a shower curtain. It is one of those old fiberglass tubs and to be honest I do not think the guy who put it in was a real professional. It looks like DIY job to us and if you go down to the basement after you take a shower, some water usually ends up down in the laundry room. We have this idea for that, but I do not know if you can practically do it. We were thinking about making a chute so you could drop the dirty laundry down in to the hamper beside the machines. Obviously they do that in hotels, but they have a lot more laundry than a family does.

I am not even close to happy with the yard, but I have not had enough time to do much to it. I always wanted to get a big deck where you could have parties and BBQ out of doors. We have not even gotten the grill yet, not a good one at least. We have the type you would take camping and it is not going to do much of a job if you have any people over. Maybe three people could be fed off it in a reasonable time. I am thinking about getting some bricks and building a grill out there.