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The Twins Compete in Physics

The Singapore physics tuition service has been getting a lot of work because of the students that have been taking classes this year. They’ve all been coming home with problems that they don’t understand, even after asking the teacher for help. My own twin boys had the same problem, and the only solution that I saw for them was to get tuition, because there was no way that I was going to be able to help them with my limited skills in physics. I forgot everything I knew about that complicated subject many years ago, and even then, it wasn’t really a lot.

My twins have a bit of a competitive nature to them. When one sees that the other is doing a better job, he will work to get the upper hand. When their grades started to get lower because of physics, they both mocked each other, even though they had no reason to do this because they were both heading down in the grades. I learned about the tutoring service from one of the other parents who has a child at the school and when I contacted them, they set up a time for us to start working.

Since the days of starting tutoring, things have gone back to normal for my twins. They still compete for better grades, but they aren’t mocking each other at getting lower. I think their competition will continue way on into their old age. I hope they can continue to push each other, but still remember that they have to rely on each other and that they can help each other achieve great things if they work together. They could probably even start working for the tuition service when they get old enough and help some of the new classes of kids who need to learn physics.