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The Walk in Clinic Was Great for My Son

When my son started throwing up a few nights ago, I became concerned right away. This is something that he just normally does not do, and it is the first time where he vomited more than once in a night. I thought maybe he had the stomach flu, so I made sure he had plenty of liquids and rest. The liquids seemed to make him want to throw up every time though. I knew I had to get him to his doctor, but he had no openings that day. Instead, I went to the physicians clinic here in town.

I had never been here before, but I have friends who have used it and said that it is a really good place to go for minor things like what was going on with my son. They were able to rule out the flu which was going around pretty severe at the time. They told me that it looked like a case of a stomach bug though, and they were able to give us a prescription for the nausea that he was experiencing. Thankfully, they were able to fill it right there too at the pharmacy, ant that was extremely convenient for us.

The other thing that was wrong with him was a severe headache, and he was dehydrated from throwing up so much. They told me to just make sure he has plenty of liquids, and that the medication that they had prescribed for him should make it so he does not throw it back up. He did keep water and broth down that day, and he did not vomit again the rest of the time he was sick. His headache went away that same day as well because of the medication they gave him for that. I had never seen him that sick before, and I am glad that the doctors at the clinic were able to help him.