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Trying to Make Some Extra Money

I have been doing some work around the chuch.Doing some work around the church to kill a bunch of time and to make up for some debts that I have to this guy who has been helping me out. Of course there is a limit to what I can do for them and they need to find someone who wants to do some roofing contractor in NYC. It is not going to be a simple matter for them to solve the problems with this building. They are pretty significant and I sort of wonder if it is even worth the effort to tell the truth. Of course there is a cost where something makes sense and a line past where it does not make any sense to seek putting money in a project. You have to make a settlement as it what it is worth to you and what you can put in a project. No one had limits n what they are able to do and what you have at your disposable.

Of course like a lot of churches these pope are struggling to figure out what to do. They have a small amount of money and no one can agree on what should be done. They are split and can not make a good decision. Of course they do not have any easy options to pick. You have to argue a lot in this sort of thing, especially when you are going to have a large amount of discord. These people are not happy at one another really and they are at cross purposes. It is too difficult for you to figure out what to do very easy and so they are not really making a decision. They are trusting to God to help them I think, but of course they need a lot of money too.