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Walter Has This Big Job for Me

My pal Walter was trying to talk me in in to helping him with this project house he bought. Of course he got this place for nothing, it was foreclosed on by the mortgage people and it has been vacant for some time since then. Of course the first thing he needs to do is to find some guy who can do residential sewer cleaning in Bergen county, The pipes are a really big mess in this place and right now you have a situation which is not very sanitary and frankly it is not really possible to work in there in the current conditions. All of the bad air in the place needs to be moved out of there some way or another and the pipes need to get cleaned so that every thing flows the way that it is supposed to flow. At the moment you have a really difficult situation and there is not much that I want to do there until he gets that sorted out.

Of course the rest of the job is relatively straight to the point. It is a matter of time and money, specifically Walter needs to figure out what he wants to do and then he needs to make a budget and stick to it.. Of course the main thing is you have to decide whether you you are playing a short game or a long game. If you want to make a quick profit on the place then you do one thing. If you want to think about making a little money over the course of a long time, then you do something different. The key is to make sure you get your math right and then to find the right people to pay when it is time to get the work done.