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We Have to Fix the Foundation

Of course we inspected the foundation along with the rest of the house when we were thinking about buying this place. It probably would have scared off a lot of people, but I already knew a masonry contractor in Nassau county NY who I could trust. I sent him some pictures that I took and asked him what he thought about. Obviously he was not going to give me a quote without seeing it in person, but he told me that it was something that he could fix fairly easily. However he also told me that he was booked solid and he gave me the number for this old guy. He was obviously retired, but he was doing work on the side and he was willing to take the work, but we did it in a way that was probably not all that legal. I did not care, but I could see the government not really liking it.

I paid for the material for the job and then I helped him do the work, although it was not as though I had to use my brain all that much. When we got done I made a donation to a scholarship fund for a young man who was obviously his grandson. It was pretty clever of him to figure out how to do this, and apparently he was keen to find tax breaks by donating his services to churches and so forth. At any rate it did not cost me very much money to get it done and this old guy was really a joker. Mary loved the guy and wanted to move him into the basement for the entertainment value. Of course I did the hard muscle work for him, but without his brain I would have been completely clueless.