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We Open the Club Next Week

The club is going to be opening up next weekend and it is going to be a very tense thing for all of us. The boss is almost going to have a nervous breakdown it seems, but he has put a whole lot on the line here. We are doing everything that we can to promote the place and that includes hiring a place that does Singapore flyer distribution to hand out ads. We have been stationing these people outside of competing clubs to give the ads to people who are going in and out of them. That makes a lot of sense, as it is targeted to exactly the people who are willing to come to our club and spend their money. Any other sort of ad is going to get a lot of people who simply would not ever get up and go some place like this. In this case you are getting the ad in the hand of a person who is going to another club. It is really obvious that you want that person to simply go to a different club.

We tested the sound system today. It was really loud, but it needed to be tweaked. I went from one area to the next to make sure that the sound quality was good all over the building. The boss was sitting at the bar eating antacid tablets and telling us that he thought that he had an ulcer. I was tempted to laugh at him, because this is not really a serious thing to him. The entire thing is designed to be a big shiny toy for him. He wants to impress girls half of his age, which is not that surprising a goal when you have money and you have no wife to complain about it.