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Why Do the Cleaning Yourself

I have loved living and working in Singapore for the last year. It has been a great adventure. I love the condo that I rented, even though my work kept me very busy and I didn’t see a lot of my rented home. But when it was time to leave, I wanted to make sure I got my deposit back so I needed a house cleaner. I didn’t want just anyone, so I went online and did an internet search for a cleaner, searching the words post tenancy cleaning for singapore seem to help the most.

I found your website cleaning service right away. After looking around for a day on the internet I decided to give you a call and get the low down on your company. I told you what I was looking for in the service I needed. I wanted someone to come clean my condo after I moved out so it would be completely ready for the next tenant and that I could get my deposit back from the rental company. I was very happy you knew exactly what I meant and set up an appointment to come and do a walkthrough the condo to give me a price for the cleaning.It was only a couple days later, you came by. I felt comfortable with you right away. You gave me a great price for the cleaning. I was happy to have that one thing crossed off my list, when I was getting ready to go back home. I had other things I needed to concentrate on. On the moving day I was able to get all of my belongings out of the condo on time. You came and did a great job on the cleaning, even the condo company wanted to know what cleaning company I used to get it perfect.